Freedom on the Water

Sailability Whitsunday provides people with special needs, disabilities and disadvantages with support and opportunity to develop their interest in sailing, regardless of age or level of ability.

Freedom more than a dream

Imagine that you have a dream of movement, freedom of movement, freedom to play, freedom to communicate – and then you awake and realise it was only a dream after all.  Imagine that for you, freedom of movement or expression may only ever be just a dream.

Being free of restrictions is taken for granted by most of us, yet an accident or incident can rob us in a flash of many of life’s most dynamic pleasures.

At Sailability we use the recreational pastime of small boat sailing, not just for the benefits of fresh air and light exercise but as a medium to regain some sense of freedom for those less able than ourselves to enjoy freedom.

Glide over the shimmering water, touch it with your hand, feel the wind on your face or the salt spray flicked from the crest of a wave. Smell the ozone and hear the sea bubbling around the rudder. Feel the surge as you accelerate with a welcome gust of wind.

As a bonus, enjoy Airlie Beach from the water, it is even more beautiful than from the land. Marvel at the green hills behind the palm tree fringed sandy beach. Look up at the birds gliding in the breeze – as you too glide – but over the water.

To share the thrill of sailing with someone else creates a bond, a partnership in having fun. Experiential interaction through sailing stimulates the mind and fosters camaraderie and personal development. It brings on the smiles and adds sunshine inside our minds.

We at Sailability have seen and experienced the beneficial effects of sharing our love of sailing and hope that you too can join us as a volunteer or client, to experience the sense of freedom and inner well-being that it brings.

What we offer

  • Fun for all on water and land, focusing on the healthy activities of sailing and boating.
  • Experiential contact in a structured format (stimulating interaction between people and activity).
  • Basic sail training for those able to get involved.
  • Camaraderie, community contact and personal development.
  • Safety and support in a positive environment.

Please join us